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Fighting For You In Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

With our busy roads in Northern Kentucky, motor vehicle accidents are common, often leading to devastating and life-altering injuries and serious property damage. From a fender-bender to trucking accidents, motor vehicle accidents range in severity. No two motor vehicle accidents are the same. You should work with a lawyer who personalizes their strategy to suit your needs.

At Nevels & Associates, we have over a decade of experience helping injured Kentuckians obtain compensation for their injuries after a motor vehicle accident. We understand how unfair it is that insurance companies often try to deny appropriate compensation to hard-working drivers who are injured through no fault of their own. Out of our office in Covington, we will take the fight to bullying corporate insurance companies for you.

Car Accidents In Kentucky

Kentucky has thousands of car accidents every year, often including injuries and property damage. Common types of car accidents in Kentucky include head-on collisions, intersection accidents, rear-end accidents, sideswiping and side-impact collisions.

Many car accidents in Kentucky are caused by drivers not paying attention to the road. Although texting while driving is illegal in Kentucky, the law doesn’t stop many drivers from engaging in reckless behavior. We will investigate your case, determine what caused your accident, and collect evidence to present a solid personal injury claim.

Truck Accidents Have Devastating Consequences

It is no surprise that accidents involving large trucks are devastating. The size difference between a truck and a passenger vehicle creates a dangerous situation when collisions occur. Operating a truck is often more complicated than a regular passenger vehicle. Besides the hazards that come with driving such a large vehicle, truck drivers must also worry about load securement, clearance and maintaining property control. Truck accidents can happen for various reasons, including exhaustion, reckless driving, distracted driving and speeding.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is vital that you work with an experienced personal injury attorney. In these cases, there are often multiple parties with multiple insurers to file a claim against. At Nevels & Associates, we can help you evaluate your case and determine the appropriate parties to hold responsible.

The Risk To Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists experience a unique risk to their safety when driving on Kentucky roadways. Without the protection of a car around them, accidents can be devastating and lead to serious injuries and fatalities. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include failure to yield, distracted driving and improper passing. We will help you determine what caused your accident and file a claim against the appropriate party.

Dedicated To Winning The Compensation You Deserve

When you are in a motor vehicle accident, you should be able to take the time to focus on your recovery. Filing a personal injury claim can help you get back on your feet through financial compensation for your injuries, missed work and property damage. You must work with an attorney dedicated to obtaining the results you need to move forward. Contact us today to learn more about our client-focused approach by calling 859-687-8736 or completing an online contact form.